Black Encounters: More S@#$ White People Say

One day, while leisurely perusing through Facebook I saw the link posted above pop up in my news feed. The words STOP WHITE GENOCIDE blared at me, hence the use of all capitals. My curiosity was mildly piqued and I … Continue reading

Black Encounters: Ask and You Shall Receive

Following my graduation from undergrad I took a year off to get my life together. I used this time to research graduate programs and pray. I read some good books and devoted myself to reflecting over my life and beliefs … Continue reading

Black Encounters: 2012 Legacy Of Racial Inferiority In Education

This semester I ventured out of my African-American Studies department to a graduate college of education expecting to find an objective exploration of a proposed new educational reform addressing the black-white achievement gap. The prospect of a reform that considers … Continue reading

Black Encounters: When The Sacred Becomes Mundane

When I moved to Harlem and started looking for a new church home, I expected there would be some variation from the black Southern Baptist worship experience I grew up knowing. But I was not prepared for the persistent presence … Continue reading

Black Encounters: What I Discovered At The West Indian Parade

Vibrant. Massive. Invigorating. These are three words that describe Brooklyn’s 45th annual West Indian Parade that takes place on labor day every year. A tradition that dates back to the colonial era, the West Indian Parade incorporates both African and … Continue reading

Black Encounters: One Girl’s Hair Story

I try to stay to myself. I don’t bother others and I rarely solicit suggestions or critiques about my appearance.  Yet people feel the need to express their discontent with my personal choices, especially my hair. When I was younger … Continue reading