6 Black Female Directors We Should Check Out

Beast of Southern Wild has garnered a great amount of attention lately, mostly because of its charismatic lead character Quevenzhane Wallis.  She is spunky, adventurous, and has the spirit of a lion. She is the magic of film. Which is … Continue reading

Celebrating ON-LINE Black Entrepreneurs

What I’m about to do might cause a stir but don’t judge me, just appreciate my craftiness. I like shopping, especially online, and of course I’m hyped about celebrating my fav folks during the one, scanty, month this country recognizes … Continue reading

Viva la vida… SANA: A black women’s guide to Living the Healthy Life

I’m trying to follow the latest saying and “Get my life.” The goal is to eat more greens, be more active, and live a balanced peaceful life. The uncertainty and foreignness of starting something new can be overwhelming and cause … Continue reading