An Artist on the Rise: Getting to Know Jasmine Nichol

Sometimes you just need that feel good music. The kind that reminds you of summer days filled with the intoxicating allure of rooftop parties, glow of bonfires on the beach, kickbacks, BBQs, late nights and early mornings. This is exactly … Continue reading

Miley Cyrus At It Again: Degradation at the 2013 VMAs

I was first introduced to Hannah Miley Cyrus in 2006 via my younger sister.  My sister would run around the house singing the lyrics to Hannah Montana’s song ie: “If you could see the other side of me….” It was catchy … Continue reading

What “The Butler” Didn’t Reveal About The Black Panther Party

It seems the demands for a different and versatile representation of the Black experience in film has finally been answered. Lee Daniel’s “The Butler” hit theaters last Friday and included big name and emerging favorites such as Forest Whitaker, Oprah, … Continue reading

Is Rachel Jeantel on Trial? GZT Week #1

My goodness! What a week. It has been a roller coaster of high tumultuous emotions varying from utter depression to sublime elation. Literally. First, the Supreme Court slaps us with the removal of a key part of the Voting Rights … Continue reading

Tyler Perry’s ‘Temptation’: A Cautionary Tale

Tyler Perry’s newest on screen drama, “Temptation”, hit the big screen last Friday amongst a sort of weary anticipation. At least for me anyway. Initially a die-hard fan, I now find myself in the oh so familiar love/hate tug o’ … Continue reading

A Look at an Icon: ‘Free Angela and All Political Prisoners’

Am I the only one giddy with anticipation to see Shola Lynch‘s documentary Free Angela and All Political Prisoners? The film, set to release theatrically in selected cities tomorrow April 5, 2013, is a blend of original interview footage and … Continue reading

6 Black Female Directors We Should Check Out

Beast of Southern Wild has garnered a great amount of attention lately, mostly because of its charismatic lead character Quevenzhane Wallis.  She is spunky, adventurous, and has the spirit of a lion. She is the magic of film. Which is … Continue reading

‘Fruitvale’ Brings Police Brutality To The Big Screen

In the midst of the Django phenomenon and this renewed interest in the portrayal of enslaved black bodies, a movie arises that depicts the current traumas that black men and women face on a daily basis…police brutality (a more accurate … Continue reading