About Us

Mission Statement

Black Women UNchecked is a movement celebrating black women across the spectrum. The website offers  the perspectives and experiences of black women from different parts of the world and offers an intimate and personal narrative of how they navigate and explore life. In this space, black women of all ages can freely speak on any issue relevant to them without the fear of being judged and exploited. Here, our stories are Unedited, Unrestricted, and Uncensored !

Meet the Founders

Kenneshea Allums

Curious.Introspective.Spiritual.Observant.Humanist.Capricorn. Louisiana born and raised. I am interested in “whats out there” with regards to everything in life and human experience. I like to think I learn from my mistakes and life in general. I’m a God loving woman who is seeking a relationship with a God who loves me entirely, not in spite of. I believe God created all of us equal,deserving equal love and respect. Strangely enough, my sign is on point. My enlightenment can be traced through the evolution of my hair.

Shani Ealey

Angered soul searching my way through the madness. A lover. A fighter. An admirer of Black beauty and Black love. Jaded by the world yet hopeful. Content with being flawed. Restless and unsatisfied with the state of Black America. I am a woman in transition, body, mind, and soul, who longs for peace and balance. Advocating against debilitating complacency and the deadly glamour of the “good life.”


General Inquiries: inquiries@blackwomenunchecked.com

Kenneshea Allums: kenneshea@blackwomenunchecked.com

Shanita Ealey: shanita@blackwomenunchecked.com

Phone: 510-969-2982

Submissions: Click Here


4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hey Kenneshea I am really Proud of you and I will be visiting your site often and spreading the word about it, it looks to be very Intriguing & Informative. Keep of the Great work Ladies
    Love Ya

    • Aww thanks Shontae I appreciate it. And please spread the word, lol. We’re in the beginning stages and need all the support we can get it. You can like us on Facebook too :). Love you too and I hope all it well.

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