write for us


Black Women UNchecked is a digital movement that gives Black women a platform to speak on issues and concerns that impact their lives. We offer critical commentary on racial injustices, the Black experience, social justice, and media representation.

We are looking for socially conscious and progressive thinkers to join are movement. We are currently seeking writers to contribute articles on the following topics: the black experience, racial injustices, grassroots activism, film, music, literature, lifestyle, and current events.

We welcome any articles or personal essays just as long as they are related to the issues and concerns of people of African descent. Subjects pertaining to current events are highly encouraged (i.e: what is the buzz now?) Word count is 500-1000 words.

Please include a title, brief bio, and a link to any social media accounts or other works if applicable.

This opportunity is unpaid, however you will be rewarded with a byline and the chance to contribute to a growing movement and digital platform. This is a remote position.

Please send your articles to submissisions@blackwomenunchecked.com



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