An Artist on the Rise: Getting to Know Jasmine Nichol

photo 3 intextSometimes you just need that feel good music. The kind that reminds you of summer days filled with the intoxicating allure of rooftop parties, glow of bonfires on the beach, kickbacks, BBQs, late nights and early mornings.

This is exactly what Jasmine Nichol’s Ain’t Nothin’ Like Ya First Time and  #NoE embodies.

Straight out of the Bay, Jasmine Nichol’s music incorporates a little bit of Funk fused with R&B and Soul. From women empowerment to a love for the herb, this young songstress gives a little bit of something for everybody making it hard not to love her.

Not yet in the mainstream, Jasmine enjoys the freedom and creativity that comes with being an underground artist.

I can truly express who I am. As a Black woman I like to talk about my journey and struggle as a Black woman.

Even though life can get crazy with school and work, Jasmine still finds time to develop her craft.

With all the things that I do on a daily basis it is quite hard to find the time to dedicate to my music. It’s all about BALANCE! I’m still learning just how to do this perfectly but of course that’ll never happen because nothing can be perfect. I just keep a planner at all times to keep track of everything! Without it I’d drown.

From recording in the studio to live performancesJasmine stays on her grind and continues to solidify her place in the music industry.

Please show your support and checkout her out. Jasmine will be performing on September 20th at Sacramento State University’s Org Night @ 7pm.

Can’t make it? Check out her latest track “Hippie Turn Up” below.

For more information:


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