Who is American? Thoughts on the Miss America Pageant

By Radha Jhatakia It has been a week since the first ever Indian American woman was crowned Miss America. It has been a week since fellow Americans spoke harsh words against not only the Indian American community but also people … Continue reading

Reenactment of Slavery: The worst teaching exercise EVER

What is the current obsession with slavery?! I try to give the quasi-historical flicks, like Django, produced by Hollywood a chance. I mean I’m really really looking forward to Steven McQueen’s 12 Years  a Slave because its based on a … Continue reading

Be the change you want to see: Total Equity Now Harlem

Community organizing has played a monumental role in the pursuit of social justice and black freedom. I personally believe that the only way to achieve the social change that is necessary to secure equitable resources and policies for black, brown, … Continue reading

An Artist on the Rise: Getting to Know Jasmine Nichol

Sometimes you just need that feel good music. The kind that reminds you of summer days filled with the intoxicating allure of rooftop parties, glow of bonfires on the beach, kickbacks, BBQs, late nights and early mornings. This is exactly … Continue reading