Miley Cyrus At It Again: Degradation at the 2013 VMAs

I was first introduced to Hannah Miley Cyrus in 2006 via my younger sister.  My sister would run around the house singing the lyrics to Hannah Montana’s song ie: “If you could see the other side of me….” It was catchy and she was so cute.

Just look at that face. What is not to love? It was undoubtedly one of the most popular shows on the Disney channel from 2007-2011. The show was watched by many, including little Black girls.

This little tidbit makes things so much more interesting when you flash forward seven years and witness the way in which Miley has decided to channel and evoke Black culture. From the attempt at doing the wop in a onsie (SMH) to her grill wearing and smacking Black girls booties in “we can’t stop,” I am convinced that this girl has a serious problem. And the VMA medley with her, Robin Thicke, and 2 Chainz really solidified this for me.

Honestly, what was really going on in that performance? Was she high? Faded? Drunk? Was she serious? She looked a mess from top to bottom with her hair in two pigtails and that teddy bear body suit, which just made her look strange and out of place.

This is really not the issue, just a side note that couldn’t be avoided. The problem lies in the way that Miley is relating/interacting with Black women. I am finding it really difficult to digest the image of Miley sticking her face ( tongue all out) into a Black woman’s butt and then proceeding to slap her butt multiple times as she sings “we can’t stop.”

MILEY! Can you please stop using Black women’s bodies to help you through whatever privileged cultural crisis you are going through! You need to find another outlet, hobby, or maybe even start acting again. Because the mere fact that you are experiencing a sudden desire and need to objectify Black women, their bodies, and their lives all because you are going through some rebel child star phase is disgusting and a personal affront to my womanhood.

At this point, I guess Miley believes that what she is doing is cool and a part of her transition into adulthood. I wonder when she get over this and will she enter into the phase, like so many before her, where it is “cool” to adopt multiple babies from Asia and Africa?

Click on the link below to check out the performance and let us know your thoughts.


3 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus At It Again: Degradation at the 2013 VMAs

  1. While mass media backlash against Miley Cyrus is solely directed at Miley Cyrus, the big picture is completely being missed (or ignored). If “observers” and “critics” took their faces out of her bony behind and took a step back, they would maybe see what is truly happening: Miley Cyrus is, more than ever, owned and controlled by an enormous machine. Her image, her music and her performance is fully determined by her handlers. For some sick reason, she was chosen this year to embarrass herself and to traumatize all of the young people who grew up watching her. Miley was offered as a “sacrifice” to the public while adding to the complete breakdown of popular culture. Her performance was choreographed and staged to be as annoying and distasteful as possible. From the bratty hair, to the unflattering outfit, to the constant sticking out of the tongue, to the obsession with “twerking” without having the physical attributes(no ass) to pull it off … it was all planned to piss the world off.

    While the masses are laughing and pointing at Miley Cyrus, those who handle her are laughing and pointing at the masses … because they’re falling right into this sick humiliation process. While I am not looking to add to the Miley Cyrus noise, someone needs to say it: She’s a puppet and we need to look at those who are pulling the strings. We also need to look at what they are doing to people such as Miley Cyrus and, more importantly, to our youth in general. This is not about a single girl who lost her way, it is about a system making the world lose its way. That’s the reality people don’t want to deal with. Peace.

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