UNchecked On The Block: What Does Your Hair Mean To You?

Seven ladies let us know exactly what their hair represents to them. Check out what they had to say and let us know what your hair means to you!

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2 thoughts on “UNchecked On The Block: What Does Your Hair Mean To You?

  1. Aw man AWESOME. I love talking about my hair and could talk about it for hours. I am very much connected to my locs, I speak positive about them and to them (much like my granny use to do her Ivy plants). It is all natural and alive and needs love, and helps them grow. I have been natural since about 2005-2006. Went from bedhead, to afro, to cornrolls, to dreads in 2007. My locs(natural) means to me a very deep connection to Africa and my ancestors. I love the freedom we as black/poc can sculpt with our hair. When I went natural it was a major step for me, and I rec’d crap for it as well. Yes our community of black folk can be quite cruel. Unlike some, I pressed on, stood my ground and represented who I am. Love my nappy knots!!!

    My hair is also an extension of my overall body care as well. I work along side a close friend making organic body care products, so when my body feels good and taken care of my hair feels it and vice verse. I dedicate time to caring for my body, head to feet. As a matter of fact just last week was reminded, while at a all organic spa, to remember to thank my feet for all it does. So of course the same applies to my hair. Thank you dreads.

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