Kioni “Popcorn” Marshall: A Young Black Woman UNchecked (It’s National Poetry Month Y’ALL)

Meet the bold and talented Ms. Kioni Marshall, or Popcorn. Kioni is being called a 12 year old prodigy poet. A title earned from her impressive poetic and spoken word skills. Her work is garnering a lot of attention and she’s been invited to perform at several forums, workshops, events and even the legendary Nuyorican Poet’s Cafe.

Inspired by her father, Kioni started writing at the tender age of six about what she calls girl stuff, bubbles and things. Today, the poetess is taking on much bigger topics such as rape, love, and loneliness. Things twelve years old usually haven’t experienced and can’t relate to. But that’s what sets her apart. People are captivated by the 12 year old Popcorn’s ability to identify with tragic and difficult issues and present them in ways that aid healing and awareness.

Kioni’s mother describes it as” A special ability to tap into emotions even though she hasn’t gone through it personally.” Her poems are like a culmination of wisdom, intellect, and consciousness delivered in a very honest and humble way that you can’t help but listen.  Needless to say, Kioni is an inspiring and extraordinary black woman unchecked on the rise. Watch the  video below to hear Kioni and her family share about her life and work. Be sure to check out some of her work and follow her ascent!


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