The Blood Record: PBS Premieres The Central Park Five

Tonight at 9pm ET PBS will premiere Ken Burns documentary The Central Park Five. If you haven’t heard the name before here’s the scoop. The title was given to a group of black teenagers during an investigation surrounding the rape … Continue reading

Tyler Perry’s ‘Temptation’: A Cautionary Tale

Tyler Perry’s newest on screen drama, “Temptation”, hit the big screen last Friday amongst a sort of weary anticipation. At least for me anyway. Initially a die-hard fan, I now find myself in the oh so familiar love/hate tug o’ … Continue reading

A Look at an Icon: ‘Free Angela and All Political Prisoners’

Am I the only one giddy with anticipation to see Shola Lynch‘s documentary Free Angela and All Political Prisoners? The film, set to release theatrically in selected cities tomorrow April 5, 2013, is a blend of original interview footage and … Continue reading

Kioni “Popcorn” Marshall: A Young Black Woman UNchecked (It’s National Poetry Month Y’ALL)

Meet the bold and talented Ms. Kioni Marshall, or Popcorn. Kioni is being called a 12 year old prodigy poet. A title earned from her impressive poetic and spoken word skills. Her work is garnering a lot of attention and … Continue reading