Breaking News: Rick Ross not only ravages honey buns but women too

Apparently, Rick Ross thinks it’s ok to have whatever he wants. I mean it makes sense right? C’mon he IS Rick mf’ing Ross which means he is entitled to whatever or whoever he wants, no questions asked. O wait, you’re probably as lost as Little Bo Peep in Motown. Let me explain. In a recent verse on Rocko’s “You don’t even know it” Rick Ross raps

Put molly all in her champagne, she ain’t even know it… I took her home and I enjoyed that, she ain’t even know it.

Ok so now that we’ve established the fuck up lets unpack the bullshit. The Stebeunville rape trial taught us that many people think its ok to have their way with a woman if she’s knocked out and its not rape if she’s not penetrated by the penis. Rick Ross revealed that he actually has no, none, not an iota of respect for a woman’s right to choose or her body. He gloated and publicly broadcast that he 1) Drugged a woman with a substance that is very unstable and has too many side-effects to list 2) In order to take her home, have his way with her, all without her knowing.

It’s not uncommon for rappers to brag in their music about participating in illegal activities. But, usually these acts are promoted because they are respected by the community as necessary means to achieve an end. While most agree Ross is wrong for promoting rape. Some say they don’t think Ross’ lyrics crossed the line because rap music is notorious for encouraging problematic, dangerous, and sometimes heinous behavior. Hell no! This is different on so many levels.

Crime, violence, and drug dealing are wrong. Context is everything tho. So, in the context of the hood crime, violence, and drug are accepted as alternatives to achieving “The American Dream.” Not saying its right to glorify these behaviors but some might argue they are survival tactics for enduring constrained and oppressive economic and social conditions. Rappers list the amount of weight they pushed, women smashed, and haters hating as proof of their status. These men pride themselves on having women freely and openly beg them for permission to give them head. This is why Rick Ross confession that he has to drug and rape women pushed rap foolishness to the lowest plateau. What purpose does this serve? Stroke his obese ego?

If this is where rap is going it is truly the end. Yes I was upset about lyrics promoting gang violence and gun culture. Yes I am disturbed by the antipathy expressed towards women. But never would I have expected a rapper to boast about slipping a woman a drug and forcing himself on her. Most definitely the last straw. The worse part is that Ross has yet to issue an apology or speak on the matter at all.

For me, this lyric indicates that Ross has gotten A LOT besides himself. He must think he’s untouchable. Embedded in this statement is the thought that women are an object and taking one is the most powerful way to assert your masculinity, authority, and demonstrate your dominance. Fat Daddy’s vision is all blurred, the lifestyle and bullshit has truly stunted his morality. Women are not things, to be taken, used and abused, and discarded when no longer gratifying. Ross admitted to A CRIME. That’s just like Boosie rapping in a verse that he hired a hitman to knockoff a rival… William Leonard Roberts II must be PROSECUTED.

Most troubling of all is that Ross, like many people, doesn’t think this is rape. Rape is done in the shadows, premeditated by an unknown person who forcefully and physically restrains a screaming woman fighting to escape capture. Yes, this is one form of rape. Another is the friend, confidante, partner who refuses to take no for an answer. Refuses to obtain consent. Consent is verbal, given during consciousness and clarity. Whenever a woman does not freely express her desire to engage it is a problem. A huge problem.


7 thoughts on “Breaking News: Rick Ross not only ravages honey buns but women too

  1. Yeah, his lyrics are disgusting, but the truth is that I don’t give people like him the time of day. I view celebrities the way I view the average person — as human beings. Just because someone has money and fame doesn’t automatically mean they are role models, and I think people forget that. There are some celebrities (e.g. Alicia Keys), who are trying to make a positive difference in the world, and then there are others like Rick Ross, who have no social or political consciousness. I believe we hold the power as the consumers of what people like Rick Ross are selling. If we don’t buy his misogynistic music, and we refuse to give him press (regardless of whether it’s good or bad), we cut into his earnings and hopefully, see and hear less of him.

  2. I am so sick of these clowns I don’t know what to do. AND what makes them keep on this yellow brick road of bullshit is women [not all] who fall for these cavemen. A women will listen to and dance to herself getting cursed out and borderline raped and will then fix her mouth to say, “he ain’t talking about me”. I think these “artist” are the most insecure of all of us and the weakest when it comes to the ladies. We all know that if you pull up in some obscenely expensive car, while draped in blood diamonds the panties will just fall off……both male and female. And all is forgiven. Yeah, he drugged me and call me a bitch seven times, but girl did you see that muthafuckin car he pulled up in? I say skip the rapper ladies and screw the car. I’m just saying.

    • Lol. Its true. I actually held conversation once with my sister and cousin about their sad addiction to these types of ignorance. Now, like I stated in my comment below, I had attraction to RR, had nothing to do with his car, money, or even rapping…honestly, I just thought he was a an attractive-deep dark chocolate-thickdeliciousness of a creature. I have ranging taste in the human species. Female (preferably) and men. But I say, if it is mutual consent then it is not my business. If my cousin and/or sister want and like to be called bitches or disrespected in any other way, and they accept it and any male (or whomever) perceives their interest as such, then they will follow thru. But it is persons like myself, and you all, who will not go for that -ish. RR and I could never be in any form because I have a brain with opinions, a voice with rights, and a heart of strength. I couldn’t ever see myself in the same space as him actually just because of all those things. Didn’t stop me from being attracted until I read this. Cutting ties because of nonsense, regardless of the angle in which is approaches, is DAMN EASY for me.

      But then the question becomes, what can WE do in order for our children not to hear/buy/support these types of ppl?

      • Go ahead sista, I love that honest shit. You’ll excuse my language–I’m angry and don’t know how to act. Seriously.

        I really wish I had some answers to the whole, “how do we keep our children from?” The deck is stacked up against us and there is so much a parent has to try and counter at the end of the day. Lucky or unlucky for me the Most High didn’t see fit to grace me with children, so I won’t be faced head-on with those decisions.

        I think we need to separate. Like minded Black people if we are to make it, we need to come out of her. Because this place is made for Black death and they don’t even hide it. Another good place to start is a home school or at least Afrikan centered schooling. And don’t let our babies get exposed to that bad vide creating music. I was telling a co-worker that this corp. “hip hop” has bad vibes running all through it and it does. It makes people think that’s what being Black is……bullshit. Ain’t a damn thing Black about a hoe nor a bitch. The first hoe or bitch I ever saw was some white trash that tried to give me some candy off the ground when I was growing up. We ain’t niggers nor dawgs or whatever they call each other, I just saw a dog a few minutes ago and it reminded me of no one. I saw some niggers as well, but they were manufactured and I could see right through them both. Just scared little boys trying to be cute for the little girls.

        I guess we’ll have to do the best we can sis.

  3. Wow. Just imagine what he would do if someone said they did that to his daughter. That’s the problem. These women aren’t seen as someone’s daughter. We are basically a receptacle to fill up when they see fit. Disgusting.

  4. I don’t listen to the radio, well not regular radio. Indie/local stations that play things that aren’t harmful to my soul. I don’t watch tv, well not regular tv. I find calm in catching a movie or series here and there on netflix. No commercial interruptions. No news stations giving me the same sad reality day in and day out. Nope, I am not denying nor hiding from truths, hell I live them in real reality every day. And the real reality is, if he said it, he most certainly did it and probably will again. I must state before I continue on, my beautiful queer self HAD the utmost disgusting crush on RR, that is until I just read this post. I share that because never once in any lyrics I heard by RR had I felt any disrespect. I mean yes the normal rap lines, who gets all the females, who has all the chains/money, who drives the most cars, has the biggest house/dick…blah blah blah. But much like I lost interest in Lil Wayne after his Emmett Till lyrics, though there was an apology. RR has now affected me very much the same, without apology. There is no excuse, there should also be no sliding scale here either, oh its rap that’s what they do. Well they don’t have to do it. I mean as thick and dark and partially attractive as RR is, hell he wouldn’t have to drug me. I’m just saying, yes if there are those willing (mutual, mature agreements) then why drug someone. Because they can, because they know they can pay someone to keep quiet and move on about their sad unloved lives. Because if there was love there, love that is created within them, lyrics like that wouldn’t exist. One could hold their own based off their skills. But rap, unlike hip-hop, is not about skill nor awareness…its solely about big-dicks and how much control we allow them to have. I don’t buy rap music, hear it on the radio if I have to listen to the radio. Otherwise without blogs like this one, I would never know about all these idiotic shenanigans.

    • Hey Sista, we gonna have to talk about your beautiful queer self. You know all you need is the right man to turn all that around right? LOL!!! Joking sis, I know it’s the first time you’ve ever heard that, right?

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