Blood Record: Kimani Gray Dies at the Hands of NYPD



16-year-old Kimani Gray was killed Saturday night by two plainclothes officers in Brooklyn. According to the New York Times, the police officers approached Gray who pulled way from a group of men and then suspiciously adjusted his waistband. He then turned and aimed a .38 caliber at the police officers in which the two officers fired their weapons. Gray was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at Kings County Hospital Center.

Gray did not fire his gun. As was discovered by the chief spokesman for the Police Department, Paul J. Browne. The two officers fired a total of 11 rounds, which hit Gray several times.

The New York Times reports that a witness from across the street over heard a brief exchange between the police officers and Gray:

“He said, ‘Please don’t let me die,’ ” said the woman, 46, who gave her name only as Vanessa. One of the officers, she said, replied: “Stay down, or we’ll shoot you again.”

The names of the officers have yet to be released.

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3 thoughts on “Blood Record: Kimani Gray Dies at the Hands of NYPD

  1. Too bad there’s another video of him dressed up in Blood colors and stomping the shit out of a 13 year old crip. Hardly an innocent kid.

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