Celebrating ON-LINE Black Entrepreneurs

Black Women ONLINE Entrepreneurs

What I’m about to do might cause a stir but don’t judge me, just appreciate my craftiness. I like shopping, especially online, and of course I’m hyped about celebrating my fav folks during the one, scanty, month this country recognizes us. So, in an economic (catch that) and self-interested (it happens) move I’m combining my two loves for the moment. In celebration of Black History Month and fabulous black women entrepreneurs, I’m profiling some of my top online boutiques.

Once upon a time I got reacquainted with my natural self ie: my HAIR. I spent way too much time in this phase and thank God I’ve recovered somewhat. I appreciate that period tho because I learned a lot about how to care for my hair in its natural state and which products my hair respond to best. During this time destiny led me to Oyin Handmade and o what a faithful relationship we’ve developed.

The company is owned by the wonderful Bennu family. But the miracle whips are the products of the beautiful Jamyla.  Sidenote: I just love, love this couple. I’ve never met them but the chemistry in their Youtube videos is all I need to witness to know they have real love, black love. They were even spotlighted in the relationship section of Oprah.com! Anyway, all I’m trying to say is if your hair needs some TLC Oyin Handmade is the ANSWER.

MY HAIR IS LAID LIKE OYIN HANDMADE (shoutout Funky Dineva !!)

Recently, I was finding every distraction under the sun to keep from working on this damn thesis (ugh) and stumbled upon the site Black Girls Killing It! Let me just say, if you are fashion hungry and easily distracted get your mind right before entering. I spent way too long on this site but I love it because it hosts blogs and boutiques that cater to the fine taste of black women, and what’s even better is that the shops are owned by black women. It’s also refreshing to see models of color with shapes and styles I can relate to. Hurry up hunny and getchu a piece. What I love about this site is that up and coming entrepreneurs and designers can submit their work to be added to the page. That’s your cue all you aspiring Anthony L. Williams!

Ok, I found Miss Marie Jean-Baptiste while scrolling Black Girls Killing It and I was so impressed that she gets her own shoutout! Let me tell you, her pieces are hitting. Rue107 is on the way up, her work is being featured on reality shows like Shahs of Sunset. I advise you to get sum while it’s still affordable, cause miss fierce might go to New York Fashion Week on us soon (which I sincerely hope happens, but please don’t make a sister go broke trying to keep up).

Ok, so I’ve covered almost everything from top to bottom, but of course I saved the best for last! We all know your outfit is not complete unless you have the right accessories! That’s why I love Mrs. Denise Flournoy’s Kitsylane’s site. Here you get beautiful hand selected pieces, at a steal. You can even register your e-mail so you’ll receive alerts whenever new items arrive, so you always stay a step ahead of the game.

I know everybody tries daily to support black-owned businesses, but I say we should all make an extra effort this month in celebration of black history. Because hey, that’s what it’s all about right; empowering, uplifting, and supporting each other. And how can you resist when it’s only a click away. Go, Shop, and Be-Merry!


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