Numéro Magazine’s African Queen

Above is the French magazine Numéro’s ideal of an African Queen. I guess this is further evidence that those French people aren’t entangled with race issues like the US, they ain’t got time for that. The 16 year old Ford … Continue reading

6 Black Female Directors We Should Check Out

Beast of Southern Wild has garnered a great amount of attention lately, mostly because of its charismatic lead character Quevenzhane Wallis.  She is spunky, adventurous, and has the spirit of a lion. She is the magic of film. Which is … Continue reading

Celebrating ON-LINE Black Entrepreneurs

What I’m about to do might cause a stir but don’t judge me, just appreciate my craftiness. I like shopping, especially online, and of course I’m hyped about celebrating my fav folks during the one, scanty, month this country recognizes … Continue reading