Black Encounters: More S@#$ White People Say

One day, while leisurely perusing through Facebook I saw the link posted above pop up in my news feed. The words STOP WHITE GENOCIDE blared at me, hence the use of all capitals. My curiosity was mildly piqued and I decided to click play, figuring at the very least I would be entertained.

Well, needless to say, I was entertained and if you clicked the link and watched all 5:20 seconds then I am sure you were too. First, after I watched the video and heard the overly repeated word genocide, I decided I needed to look up the definition. My first source was the ever so accessible

According to genocide is “the deliberate and systematic extermination of a national, racial, political, or cultural group.” For those of you who enjoy secondary sources, according to the Council on Foreign Relations genocide is “any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group.

I guess my question is where is white genocide happening? The U.S? Nope, I don’t think so. How about Europe? Nah, I pretty sure they are all alive and kicking. And Australia? Those folks are probably enjoying warmer weather and not even entertaining anything remotely close to the idea of the intentional destruction of one’s ethnic or racial group. So why make a YouTube video and create a campaign with a phrase as provocative as Stop White Genocide?

Apparently, the mere presence of black and brown people in the U.S is enough to constitute genocide. Black and brown people are taking over “their” land and forcing them to assimilate. Is anyone laughing yet? Even though the girls speaking in the video do not possess any titles and appear to have been taken straight from XXX Porn Stars, the words that are coming out of their mouth still work my last nerve.  Their is something about the spewing of ignorance and getting over 60,000 views that just doesn’t make sense to me. And to make matters worse, I am almost 100% positive that it was not a joke or some parody.  At which point, I decided to dig a little further and trace it to the source.

After following the digital yellow brick road for all of 2 seconds, I was led to Bob’s Underground Graduate Seminar Fighting White Genocide.  The site is a blog that gives information on how to continue to promote the Stop White Genocide campaign. I really tried to give the creator of the site the benefit of the doubt. You know, check out his blog, see what he was about. But then it took a serious wrong turn. In a recent post title “Dave Says the World Was not Perfect Before the White Man Arrived,” the author goes on to say more disturbing words:

Slavery was liberation for the female slave! She was liberated from the barbarity of her world. While for the male slave, it was an apprehension, a placement into restraints, an imprisonment. It is from HIS barbarity (the barbarity of nonwhite males) that the female slave was liberated. That was WHY she was so JUBILANT to be taken into slavery.

I am not really sure how this relates to white genocide but I assume the author truly believed that this was pertinent information that needed to be shared to the world. Black people were happy to be enslaved! Black women in particular in order to be free of the savage Black male. Puh-lease. I don’t need any regurgitation or resurrection of antiquated ideas that have no logical foundation. And since he seems to be pulling his information straight out of D.W Griffin’s Birth of a Nation, I can no longer pretend that there is even the tiniest molecule of legitimacy in any of these arguments.

So what is really going on? Please feel free to checkout Bob’s site and watch the video again. Share your own personal reactions. Maybe you will have a better understanding. As for now, I am chalking it up to more white supremacist shenanigans that is in words of VP Biden, “a bunch of malarky.”


6 thoughts on “Black Encounters: More S@#$ White People Say

  1. I’m white and that video is hilarious. This stems from a small group of people who feel threatened that american society is becoming more and more diverse, and they don’t want that. They now feel like they are being persecuted because they feel entitled to something (money? power? I don’t know). So instead of owning up to the fact that they are deep down racists, they claim it in a way to act like they are being discriminated against because of the color of their skin.

    there is no such thing as a ‘white genocide’ it is just another fringe group of idiots who back up their prejudices with a false claim of some sort of sociatal movement.

  2. I won’t go have a look at the website or watch the video: I don’t give my views to such contents. When such opinions demand attention is when people try to push them as part of a political agenda and attempt to influence politicians and policy making. In addition to this much needed perpetual vigilance, education must be used to ensure that such ideas and prejudice can eventually be broken.

  3. As a child I had friends from all races. I remember them well. My best friend Steve was black. We would play like we were wrestlers from t.v.. He would be Rocky Johnson and I Pepper Gomez. His birthday was the Fourth Of July. I guess were I’m going with this is that I’ve never understood the racist attitudes that persist in some peoples minds.

  4. I really enjoyed reading this, and will probably further my interests towards your other posts. Ignorance is astounding in this world, and I find it less than remotely amusing that people actually believe in these things. I would imagine that many of these individuals are not educated in the forms of Anthropology, and still believe in cultural hierarchy. The fact of the matter is, that at one point white man developed the idea that they were some how superior to other cultures, and from this devised propoganda and campaignes to toute this richly histarical babble. I would like people to understand that the white culture that had originated in Europe is one of the newest culutures in history. When the white european nations were still in dipers the Asian/Muslim cultures were far superior. What I am getting at by this is the fact that because Europeans have exploited other cultures, after they rose to the top, they somehow believe they are superior. This is clearly false.

    We are all one humanity, derived of different cultures, skin tones, and beliefes that live on one planet, in one universe.

    P.S. Me and my significant have been together for 9 years, and we are in an interracial relationship.

    Poetry, or just a twitter feed of my crazed mind?

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