Black Proverbs Blowin’ Up the Interwebs

During my daily scroll through the interwebs I stumbled upon the “Black Proverbs.” I know what you’re probably thinking, “Did researchers discover new biblical books in Africa?” Not quite. Some brilliant person decided to create a collection of  colloquialisms frequently used in the black community. The list has just about every phrase you can think of and the best part is anybody can submit entries. So, your favorite quote didn’t make the list?! Fear NOT ! Just go to the page and submit it yourself.

Moments like this make me feel all gooey inside. But some people aren’t feeling the idea of exposing our sacred black gems to the rest of the world. One reader feels the project will be exploited by white people and used to make a mockery of us. I think the current ratchetness in rotation on hip-hop and pop stations is doing more damage than this tumblr. I felt a bit nostalgic as I scrolled through the list, remembering moments when my momma reprimanded me with similar phrases and recalling the hilarious stories from friends and family members that start with phrases such as the infamous “See what had happened was” and the notorious “Tell me why…” Take a look at the list at and let us know which of your favorites made the list. Let us know your thoughts and what memories these phrases spark for you.


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