‘Fruitvale’ Brings Police Brutality To The Big Screen

In the midst of the Django phenomenon and this renewed interest in the portrayal of enslaved black bodies, a movie arises that depicts the current traumas that black men and women face on a daily basis…police brutality (a more accurate … Continue reading

Black Encounters: More S@#$ White People Say

One day, while leisurely perusing through Facebook I saw the link posted above pop up in my news feed. The words STOP WHITE GENOCIDE blared at me, hence the use of all capitals. My curiosity was mildly piqued and I … Continue reading

Blood Record: Hate still thrives in Mississippi

In rural Mississippi, White teenagers hit and murdered a 61-year old Black man by the name of Johnny Lee Butts. The pedestrian was making his daily 4-mile trek through his neighborhood when a car of young teenagers driving on the … Continue reading

Black Proverbs Blowin’ Up the Interwebs

During my daily scroll through the interwebs I stumbled upon the “Black Proverbs.” I know what you’re probably thinking, “Did researchers discover new biblical books in Africa?” Not quite. Some brilliant person decided to create a collection of  colloquialisms frequently … Continue reading

The Ugly Price Of Beauty: Booty Shots Gone Bad

Meet Vanity Wonder. As you can see, Miss Wonder fell victim to the growing trend of acquiring the highly sought after big booty in hopes of appearing more desirable. And while she is still around to tell her tale via … Continue reading