Viva la vida… SANA: A black women’s guide to Living the Healthy Life

healthy livingI’m trying to follow the latest saying and “Get my life.” The goal is to eat more greens, be more active, and live a balanced peaceful life. The uncertainty and foreignness of starting something new can be overwhelming and cause you to give up before you start. That is why I am grateful for amazing women like Black Nectar, Dominique, Francheska, and Chef Ahki as I embark on this new journey towards living a healthy life.

Each beauty offers different insights for those seeking to live all natural or implement a healthier lifestyle. Black Nectar is a beautiful blog by the even more beautiful Chi devoted to providing a holistic approach to a healthy life. Make sure your like the Facebook page and follow the blog!  Dominique is an entrepreneur with a beautiful family and supportive husband. She offers advice on a variety of issues spanning from relationships, parenting,  food, hair, and spiritual/encouragement.The nuggets of wisdom and positivity that Dominique offers always seem to pop up in my newsfeed right when I need them. The candid nature of her posts and insights into what it took to establish her business are an inspiration.

Most people know Dominique for her amazing O’natural hair products (which can be purchased here). As the name suggests all of the products are natural. They not only use the common natural hair ingredients such as shea butter but are infused with ayuverdic ingredients as well. Living a healthy life is not only about what you digest internally. That’s why using all natural hair products is an important part of my health journey.

Need proof about the quality of her products? The saying goes the proof is in the pudding, but in this case it’s in the hair, literally. The entire O’natty family uses the products and their effectiveness is evident in Dominique and her husband’s beautiful manes.  Check out pictures of her transition and natural hair evolution on her Facebook page.  This next woman challenges the myth that black women are afraid to sweat out their ‘do.

Francheska of HEY FRAN HEY has a BANGING body and an even more beautiful spirit. She offers advice on everything fitness, hair, and vegan. I’ve received a lot of good health types from her blog. The best part of following Fran for is that she uses a lot of visuals. This is so convenient for people like me who may not be where they want to be on their journey. You can save her flyers , which she creates through a collaboration with the equally beautiful and talented Chescaleigh, as goals and come back to them when you reach that level. Fran also does natural hair tutorials on her Youtube channel. So if your looking for ways to incorporate more greens in yo’ life of types to tame your mane Fran is your girl.

I just got put on to Chef Ahki so I don’t know as much about her as the other ladies. What I’ve learned so far is that she’s a beautiful vegan chef who is knowledgeable about nutrition and organic living.  Chef Ahki talks about genetically engineered food a lot and tips to avoid it, which is everything for me. She recently posted information on wheat-products and how we have been dupped to believe this is the healthier alternative. According to Chef Ahki, the wheat used today in most food products is a genetically engineered strain that was created in the 70’s. Scary, right? She also has an all natural supplement that improves weight-loss. Join me in my walk with Ahki and like her Facebook page.

These are just a few of the women doing their healthy thang. I wanted to share this information for other black women trying to get on the health track. I know from personal experience how difficult it can be but with support and encouragement we can get there. I appreciate having black women who represent positivity and healthy living because not often do we get that, especially in the media. Also, healthy living used to have some what of a negative connotation, some people so it as something bourgeois people do. There was also the myth that being vegan makes you thin. That is why having black women to represent these lifestyles is important because we learn, from people like Fran, that being vegan will not alter your body frame. If you got curves, YOU GOT CURVES lol. Please feel free to note people you might be following in the blogosphere and advice you might have for someone starting a healthy life journey. Hope to hear from you beautifuls.


3 thoughts on “Viva la vida… SANA: A black women’s guide to Living the Healthy Life

  1. black people need to start juicing(nutribullet or bigboss juicer) and meditation turn off the tv come out of amerikkka spiritually and awaken

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  3. Thanks for this post. I’m trying to embark on a healthy organic lifestyle and I really need all the info I can get especially from fellow black sisters. So thanks for this post. Hope we can also connect so I can learn from you as well. Thank you

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