Is It Really ‘Nobody’s Business’?


Oh Rihanna. What can I say? She is definitely the Queen Bee at the moment. Popping out CDs faster than I can count to three, it is no wonder she was named best selling digital artist by Nielsen SoundScan. She is wild/crazy and yet there is something so real about her. With that being said, I eagerly waited until November 19th, so I could get my first listen at the highly anticipated “Unapologetic” album.

Now as I was listening, I was definitely feeling a couple of tracks, those being “Numb”, “Stay”, and “Love without tragedy/Mother Mary.” However, the song that made me raise an eyebrow was the duet with yours truly, Chris Brown. Now let me be real, I am not feeling yo boy Chris. Haven’t really since the whole domestic assault some 3-4 years ago. And it is not like he has done anything to clean up his act or garner the respect of prior fans. To me, he is still just a walking time bomb just waiting to pop off.

On the other hand, I understand being young and in love and can’t really with all my heart hate on them. Love is a crazy thing. And sometimes it can suppress very needed skills such as logic and reasoning. Love can make you see a prince charming/man of your dreams when in reality you are in love with a man with tattoos that closely resemble a beaten women on his neck, throws chairs through windows on GMA, and dress up as the Taliban for Halloween (hee hee, this man is too much). Because of this debilitating effect that love has on the brain, it is not a surprise that the two star-crossed lovers have allegedly reunited.

They haven’t officially came out and said it but they might as well just get it over with. The trips to Europe and the party hopping together, and the new song “Nobody’s Business” is enough indication for me to believe that the both of them are a couple again. Now, this isn’t the first time the two love birds have teamed up for a collabo. There was the oh so sweet “Umbrella” remix, then my song of the summer, the very naughty “Birthday Cake” remix (I was singing that song all day every day LOL), and now there is “Nobody’s business.”

This is an awfully ironic title considering the fact that it is a song recorded by Rihanna, arguably one of the most popular entertainers of the moment which means that this supposed business that is nobody’s is actually everybody’s. When it comes to Rihanna/Chris Brown and their lives, everyone is going to be all up in it. 1) because they are famous, 2) because he beat the crap out of her and it was blasted all over the news and 3) because even after their tumultuous past they have been spotted together on a consistent basis and 4) because their twitter accounts make it very easy to get the ins and outs of their personal life.

I can’t help but smile when I scroll through my playlist and see the track that constantly declares that everyone should mind their own business. Haha. I give them kudos for trying to exert some sort of privacy on their highly public lives. But in the end, it is a failed attempt and probably does nothing but cause the curiosity monster inside of us all to grow just a little more. In all fairness, I agree with what they are saying. Their lives are their lives. Who are we to judge what they are doing. But we can’t help but be innocent spectators. We are either watching two great loves reunite like something out of the Notebook or an oncoming train wreck leaving both parties broken.

Share your thoughts on yet another Rihanna and Chris Brown song and their alleged reunion.

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