What Is Going On Cali? Obama Like-Doll Hung From Tree In California

Source: globalgrind.com, dailymail.co.uk

My beloved California. I have a special relationship with this state being that I was born and raised there. So many good times, hot summers, pool parties, and just hanging out with family and friends. When I think of California, I think of laid back and liberal minded people always down to fight a cause. Well lately, what I have been seeing in the news is something totally different. For one, what is up with all the Obama hate Californians have been dishing out lately?

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding racism and where it is located at the national level. The south, usually takes the brunt end with many assuming this is where racism exists. But the truth is, it is happening everywhere, even in liberal California.

First it was Mike Hayhurst of Barstow, California who thought it would be funny to assert that Michelle Obama is a model for National Geographic. Next it was the empty chair with the noose and watermelons in Morgan Hill, California. Accompanied with the display was a message that read “go back to Kenya you idiot,” according to Huffington Post.

Now a few weeks later, someone decided to up their game and create an effigy of Obama, with a noose wrapped around the neck and hanging from a tree. Really? It is real interesting the kinds of things people do when they have idle time. What makes this story more interesting is that Eddie Million, the man behind this wonderful idea, said that it wasn’t meant to be racist but scary. According to The Grio, Eddie states:

“We decorate big … A noose is scary. It’s Halloween. We have zombies in the back — figures, ghosts, zombies…It was just suppose to be a decoration.”

Eddie claims that he removed the effigy after neighbors expressed their disapproval. And he even appeared to be remorseful and claimed if he could turn the hands of time, he would not do it again. But my question is what made Eddie think that this was a good idea in the first place? Did he not see the backlash when pastor Terry Jones erected his own lynched Obama effigy? The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Halloween is not a lynched doll-like version of Barack Obama. Eddie claims that this wasn’t a racist act but he chose a noose because it was scary? But let me ask you something, to whom are nooses scary? You all know, just as well as Eddie, the answer to this question.

I am so tired of justifications and excuses made on the behalf of people who are fully aware of what they are doing. I am also tired of people diminishing the impact of these racist offenses by claiming that it was done unintentionally. Nooses and lynchings are not synonymous with Halloween. Before this incident, if I were to do a Google search on Halloween those two words would not appear. Not one, making it really hard for me to connect the dots of reason for Eddie. These are racist acts. It is really that simple. Your reasons and explanations do not change this fact.

With the election a little over a week ahead, it is expected that we will see more of these situations. Let’s just hope that these enactments of lynchings do not turn into a reality.

Check out the video below and share your thoughts. Was Eddie just being creative? Racially insensitive? Or just plain racist?


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