Black Encounters: The Expectations Of Beauty For A Young Black Girl

By Kendra Allums

I, being around girls my age most of the day, am criticized by these girls on a daily occasion about the way I look.  Sure these girls are just being all around bitches, but why are there expectations that I am supposedly supposed to meet.    And this doesn’t apply only to the teenage black girls, this applies to anyone.  Apparently if I have a butt, I have to wear tight pants or else I am not “doing anything with it”.  Excuse me?    If I have big breasts, I have to wear a cup bra so that I can have cleavage up to my neck.  Well sorry world, my breasts weren’t made to have cleavage.  And if my skin isn’t picture perfect, or my hair isn’t straight, or if I don’t wear skimpy clothes I am not “pretty” but much rather “looking like a hobo everyday”.  And I put these things in quotes because these are things that I am told continually.

Most people would probably crack with people telling you how you should look every day of every week of school, but I much rather just ignore the ignorance.   Why or rather how do I do this?  I believe that I don’t have to look and act like everyone.   I also have to remember that there are complete morons and ignorant people in the world.  I deal with more of them than I would like, but I try to TOLERATE everyone, even if it’s hard.   The whole point of the article is this, don’t let someone change you.   If they consistently bring up how you look, they are obviously not your friend.  You can ignore them, tell them to SHUT THE HELL UP, or stoop down to their level (I don’t recommend this).    Most importantly just believe in you and ignore hateful bitches.  On the note of bitches, you should listen to Bad Bitch by Lupe Fiasco, which has around the same concept as this article.

***Kendra Allums is a 15 year old sophomore in high school.


3 thoughts on “Black Encounters: The Expectations Of Beauty For A Young Black Girl

  1. Great to read that a 15 year old has a better grasp on reality than most of the morons in this world! Society can be cruel but if you have the will power to be yourself then why not. She is a very strong young woman and will grow to be an extremely powerful one too.

    Bad Bitch by Lupe Fiasco is a very fitting tune!!

  2. I am a 21 year old dealing with the same battles. I’m finally realizing that I am beautiful no matter what. I wish I was as confident as you are when I was your age. Fight the media’s ideal of what it means to be beautiful.

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