Why We Need a More United Front #don’tREPOST

I am so tired of seeing people, black people, share photos like this through social media. Like for real though please explain to me why you would share this ignorance, but get fighting mad when white people say they aren’t voting for Obama because of the increased numbers on the welfare roll. In what alternative universe does that logic add up?! I’m going to give you a few reasons why this is a sad choice, and hopefully next time you will think twice before you post this foolishness on your Instagram or Facebook.

Historically, black people have been judged as a collective. That’s why there’s more buzz about the black community than the white community. See whiteness has a few perks such as white privilege and autonomy. But, we as black people don’t have that luxury. Anything one black person does reflects on all black people. So just remember that whenever you decide to #repost stereotypes. They used  to think we all look alike, and although that myth has somewhat died they still believe we are a group of leeches sucking the system. But every now and then we manage to produce a few exceptions, like Oprah and Will Smith. You may think it’s funny to make fun of the “welfare queen,” but just know that at the end of the day that’s the first impression they have of you as well.

It’s 2012 and a lot of people may think this next thought is redundant, but from the way some of us act it merits reiteration. A lot of people sacrificed and DIED for us to have the privilege to exercise our right to vote. During this fight there were a few warring factions within the community; does a little beef between MLK, Mr.X, and those Panthers ring a bell?? But I believe they handled their battles a little more tastefully then we see today. Sure, they had different approaches for how to acquire civil rights, but they weren’t lobbying stereotypes at one another. At least not ones that undermined the ENTIRE BLACK COMMUNITY. Wake up, this is an election cycle and #reposting this foolishness is offering Republicans more ammo. Don’t get it twisted you have every right to do so, but I don’t want to hear anything from you when they give you the evil eye every time the deficit is mentioned.

Lastly, do we see other groups doing this. There aren’t memes about white people filing bankruptcy to buy their kids a car, dumping their children on a nanny, or fabricating non-profits and LLC  for tax exemptions and credits. Nevertheless, I already mentioned white people have a little special thing called autonomy, but what about other minorities? Do you see Asians or Hispanics sharing and #reposting demeaning images that perpetuate stereotypes about their ethnic groups? I don’t. Some people like to believe, such as Toure’ and his illusion of post-blackness, that we are beyond “blackness,” and others are scrambling to find what connects us. But for me it’s not that difficult to see the common denominator that unites all people who are descendants of African slaves. It’s a little something we can’t hide, no matter how hard we try (well unless you pull an MJ). The fact that we physically wear our stigma everyday means no matter how much you learn or earn you cannot get away from it. Reflecting on the tragic, unjust death of Trayvon Martin, and the pending case against his murderer, makes it crystal clear what unites us, our race. So until we transcend the condemnation of blackness, be mindful of what you say and #repost.


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