What Puts You in the Mood

Miguel released his second album yesterday and I was thirsty for a piece. Gone are the days when I meticulously crafted “ride music,” along with the classic infomercials peddling R&B Midnight Love mixes. But a smooth track with nice vocals are still attractive and although they’re not as common in the bedroom as they used to be, music is still an essential part of the experience. Now tracks are like that special fragrance your first love once wore and anytime you encounter it is like time traveling back to the moments and memories you shared. Just like fragrances, music elicits  recollections of great moments passed.

I had a nice giggle to myself once I reflected on the soundtrack to my whoopie moments. Whew, some songs are just too ratchet to mention, but remind me of how important the composition of a song is for setting and maintaining the mood. Many times I would shuffle my iTunes library, which would result in the inevitable kirk franklin, mary mary, or yolanda adams tune. Sometimes I would be so ashamed that I completely stopped the music, others I was so caught up in the moment that ish aint matter. I know it’s not just me though. Go ahead and admit the times you and your boo left the tv on BET and got interrupted by one of Pastor Kerney’s shrill cackles calling the Most High.

When I was into ride music I always wondered how I would deliver the “this is the song you were made to” speech to my future babies. Most of the current popular music is so scandalous I would be too ashamed to admit I allowed it in the bedroom. But, based on a passing first listen of Miguels new album and the quality of his first, I believe there’s hope. Along with other great artist like Frank Ocean whose Pink Matter is SPIRITUAL! I know I’ve been rambling, and if you’re reading thanks for coming along on my brief detour of whoopie nostalagia. What are your thoughts and what’s your current Midnight Love Soundtrack. Why your reflecting, cause as Betty Wright said it’s taking some of you longer than others, getchu a piece of Miguel’s latest single and Frank Ocean’s Pink Matter to help with the journey.


One thought on “What Puts You in the Mood

  1. When I heard Miguel’s and Frank Ocean I truly fell in love. I finally realize there is some hope for R&B. When I think of music that set my mood all I can say is Usher. I can listen and remember exactly how I felt and more. Don’t want to give TMI but music plays a major part of my memories.

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