UNchecked On The Block: Thoughts On Obama’s First Term

Black Women UNchecked is launching a new series every Monday called UNchecked On The Block.  We are hitting up the streets and getting the public’s opinion on various issues. Your opinions are what matter and we definitely want to showcase what you have to say. This week we asked the people what they thought about Barack Obama’s first term and what they want to see from him if he is re-elected. Check out what they had to say and share your own thoughts.

First up, the lovely lady in the pink. Read what she has to say.

“I think Obama was accurate when he first began running for president and stating that the next four years were going to be financially difficult for everybody. He knew what the road would be like ahead. I think that people had the misconception that just because there was a new president that everything was going to change. He already stated that it was going to be a long road ahead in order for the United States to recover. In the event that he is given another for years, I would like to see what would come of another four years. I do believe that there has been a difference as far as job, the unemployment rate has gone down. People who were out of work for two or three years now have jobs.” –Rashawn

“I feel as though Barack Obama has tried his hardest to fulfill the promises he made when he was originally elected. I think he did come into some unexpected road blocks and I feel as though it may have been because he was a little more inexperienced in politics. That being said, although there were challenges, I think that he did come out with a lot of innovated programs and that his plans will eventually give us a lot of social systems that will allow us to have a more equal society and allow more people to have more access to health care and the job markets. In order for us to see the completion of his project we need to elect him again because if not we will just go back to the old system.” – Keara

“I think Barack Obama has done a really good job staying true to his word for the past four years.  People tend to criticize him for not upholding all the promises that he had. But I think that he came in at a time where there were a lot of preexisting problems. People need to consider that he is working off of 50, 60, 80 years of poor political decisions. And I do think that he needs just another four years in order to continue making progress in the ways that he has done. Also, I feel that people don’t consider the fact that he cant just make a decision and it just automatically happens. There is a congress that he has to fight with and congress wasn’t working with him at all. So hopefully it is not only that we reelect the president but we elect other people in the senate and members in congress who also have similar vision with Barack Obama so that there is not too much conflict between the two parties and so that we can’t get something done in the next couple of years. I do think that he is idealistic. But I think that we need idealism and hope. And I prey for the sake of the world that he is reelected in a couple of months.” -Ijeoma

“For the people thinking about  cutting him off or  putting him out, I think they should work with him first before they put somebody else in. You have to work with him first before you say what he can and can’t do. How can he get anything done or help anybody out, if no one is willingly to support him or give him a chance? So I feel the people should give him a try.”

Share your thoughts on Obama’s first term and what you would like to see from him if reelected.

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