Romney’s Words, Society’s beliefs: Romney’s Secret Video Revisited


Since the end of the Democratic and GOP conventions, many have become more vocal in regards to their support or lack thereof of president Obama. Some supporters’ unquestioning loyalty to Obama was reaffirmed, ever hopeful that he will be the catalyst for change and hope. Others, on the other hand, go as far as to declare support to independent parties or even Romney.

Even though I personally teeter totter back and forth in regards to my support for Obama, my feelings for Romney and his team have always been crystal clear. And the emergence of this secret video has done nothing but reaffirm these feelings and demonstrate to the world Romney’s true feelings for minorities in this country, the infamous “47%”.

Not having seen the video when it first went viral on Tuesday 9/18, I really wasn’t too surprised by what I was hearing. We are talking about the man who distorted information regarding the attacks in an American diplomatic facility in Libya. Not to mention (and this is my favorite) the man who chose Paul Ryan as his running mate. A man who is a harsh opponent of abortion and has worked on legislation with the extremely intelligent man Todd Akin.

This collaboration is important because Akin made a ground breaking discovery that revealed that women’s bodies can naturally tell the difference between consensual and forced sex. In addition, women are able to produce chemicals that combat the unwanted intrusions that lead to pregnancy. Huh? I still don’t know how that makes sense. Thus, when everyone and their mama’s mama was shocked at how Romney could call half the country victims and dependent on the government, I was like whatever! Did you expect him to say something different?

When the buzz continued, I decided to dedicate 49 minutes of my precious life and watch the latest episode of “I Don’t Think Before I Speak.” In such a short period of time, Romney said a lot. I must say it was informative and enlightening.  Besides the 47% remark that is often repeated by various media outlets, he also shared a few kernels of wisdom. Apparently, this country is so great that 95% of life is set up for you just by the mere fact of being born in America.

Really Romney? I had no idea of this fact. The reason why I was not aware that 95% of my life was set up for me, is because Romney was not talking to me. I was not a participant or a guest at this $50,000 a plate dinner event. I was not born with a silver spoon nor into a family where inheritances are a natural occurrence. He was talking to the elite not me nor the majority of the people in this country.

Besides, history tells me a different story. For me, as a person of color living, struggling, and surviving in America, 95% of life is not set up for but against me. You, Mr. Romney, cannot make declarative statements professing that you pulled yourself up by your boot straps when 1) you were born into wealth, which grants you certain access to resources and 2) the collective system of America supports you. You do not deal with daily assaults and constant threat to your life, job/salary discrimination, or centuries of racists legislation and academic literature giving biological reasons for your supposed inferiority.

Romney goes on to say how his success was a result of his individual accomplishments and not due to his inheritance, which he got rid of. He didn’t explain that. He also said that people like him never look to other wealthy people and demand to have what they have. People like him, work hard to earn success and wealth. Work hard? At this part I figured Romney was talking just to be talking. Of course the people in that room never looked at other people who are rich and wanted what they have because they already have it! Listening to this man talk really shows his lack of common sense and total detachment from the world.

However, what was more disturbing is what Romney added to the 47% remark. At about 35 minutes into the video Romney says “47% believe they are entitled to healthcare, food, housing, you name it, this is an entitlement and the government should give it to them.” I had to repeat this part over. Just to be sure I heard everything correctly. Romney, presidential candidate for 2012, just stated that healthcare, food, and housing are entitlements. Hmmm. So my question is what planet was I on when necessities became entitlements? I mean, we are talking about some basic elements of life. So in turn, Mr. Romney is stating that 47% (a.k.a low income, high poverty, minorities) that will vote for Obama are not entitled to the basic necessities in order to live?

These statements are ridiculous and shocking. But what I am more concerned with is how this type of thinking is steadily seeping into every facet of life. This racist and classist polemic is not only distributed in the political sphere but also in schools, universities, and the work force; covertly socializing the minds of the future generation. And more brutally in the area of law enforcement, claiming the lives of minority people on a daily basis. What’s more is that these damaging beliefs and actions are lies, and yet they are the seeds that create and perpetuate the kind of racism that becomes deadly.

Soon we won’t be able to close our eyes to this or try to focus on the “progress” we have made. We cannot rely on good faith that society as a whole will do what is right. Soon we will realize that we have to fight for our humanity and our right to live! Because no one is going to do it for us. Not the current or future president. We have to change the game. The question is how?

Check out the full video below and share your thoughts on Romney’s statements.


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