Azealia Banks And Nicki Minaj: Are They One In The Same?


We all know how the music industry operates. Those at the top monopolize all opportunities, making it hard for new up and coming artists to get a chance to breakthrough and shine. When it comes to female entertainers in the hip-hop genre Miss Minaj wears the crown. I am not quite sure why. I mean she definitely has a few hits that I like and occasionally sing in the shower (Moment 4 life and Starships). This changed drastically once Stupid Ho and Beez In The Trap was released. Listening to her croon “stupid ho” while gyrating and shaking her surgical “enhancements” in a cage was crossing the line for me. I had to really access what Nicki Minaj was doing for me and all women? Nothing, I concluded. Which brings me to Azealia Banks.

With Azealia Banks, it was an instant love affair. She was different, cute, and youthful. When I caught a glimpse of her infectious smile and explicitly raunchy lyrics rapping over dance music in her hit single 212, it was a done deal. Eager for more, I impatiently waited for the release of Liqourice, Van Vogue, and 1991. And now, I find myself completely enthralled in the music of Miss Banks. I am obsessed and I am not exactly sure why.

On one hand, her music is fun. It gets me revved up and ready for the day. But on the other hand, I am like “Did this girl really just say that?” And the fact is that she did. In the realm of sexual affairs, this girl knows no boundaries. Yet, like a moth to a flame, I am pulled to her.

Let me give you an example. Recently Banks received a great amount of attention for her controversial cover with Dazed and Confused magazine. The cover features Miss Banks posing with a blown up condom in her mouth which subsequently is banned in seven nations. I was shocked. I had to take a break from her. Why is it that Black women in the music industry go to extremes in order to gain recognition. Was this her intention? Probably, but either way I felt I needed to sever the tie between me and her. And this break lasted for two weeks and I was back on the wagon.

It is then that I came to the harsh realization that the same reason why many love Nicki Minaj is the same reason I like Azealia Banks. They are both talented, attractive women, with hypnotizing beats, and an affinity for wordplay. Despite the images that are sometimes degrading and oversexualized, I still listen, watch, and support Azealia Banks. And as a result, contributing to this rap/pop fusion that is has taken over the music industry. Now I am starting to think that there is no difference between the two ladies in terms of how they are perceived and what they represent on a larger scale.

What are your thoughts on Azealia Banks? Is she doing something different than Nicki Minaj? Or are they one and the same?

Check out their latest videos and you be the judge…

Azealia Banks, 1991

Nicki Minaj, I am your leader


3 thoughts on “Azealia Banks And Nicki Minaj: Are They One In The Same?

  1. This is the first time I’ve read anything about Azealia Banks, I heard a while ago about the magazine cover. I’ll be checking her out soon. I like Nicki Minaj’s music because it’s catchy and sort of addicting, but there comes a point for me where the eccentric/eclectic approach to music and her subsequent image isn’t fun to watch anymore.

  2. I like Azealia Banks. Although her lyrics are similar to Nicki’s, I find that her beats are more avant-garde. It’s ratchet, but with slightly more class. Idk, I find Banks more relatable because she is young. It’s as if she is experimenting her sexuality, social life, etc. and we are just along for the ride. I think her writing is catchier than Nicki’s and she doesn’t have to have several personalities to be different.

    I was a fan of Nicki Minaj before, but now I just find her rather boring. Her pop/rap does nothing for me. She is becoming more of a character/personality than a rapper. Azealia is still clinging on to her art without it drowning from her fashion, magazine covers, etc. I can respect her more.

    • Her beats are definitely avant-garde. Her style is unique and I like that her flow feels authentic. Whereas Nicki often feels a little over dramatic and always in character. I think I had to let Nicki go when I heard a group of young girls (no older than 12) singing in unison “you’re a stupid ho. You’re a stupid ho.” Come on now. We have to do better!

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