Nicki Minaj Endorses Romney: Warning to Barbs


Nicki Minaj revealed to the world, despite what many might assume, that she’s riding with Mitt Romney for the 2012 Presidential Election. During her verse on Lil Wayne’s cover of Mercy the artist proudly declares “I’m Republican voting for Mitt Romney, you lazy bitches is fucking up the economy.” Maybe this is her way of asserting her Americaness and her arrival in the upper-echelon. I mean she is worth 14 million, and if money defines success this is a huge accomplish for an immigrant who knows the struggle and turmoil of the American hustle firsthand, right? I guess her wealth could serve as a testament to the good ole’ American philosophy of pulling one’s self up by the bootstraps and not allowing your situation to define you. Or some might say it’s a testimony to the profitability of ass shots, coonery, and pink wigs. But I digress.

Who Nicki Minaj intends to support on November 6 is her personal business along with her basic right as an American citizen. But, considering that she is a public figure with a legion of young, impressionable followers who mimic everything she does from her poor choice of neon accessories, make-up, and hair to her acrimonious and sometimes british accent right down to her disturbing gestures and ticks, her endorsement of Mitt Romney deserves attention and clarification for the sake of her barbs. I don’t want Nicki’s young, voting age fans believing aligning one’s self with the Republican party is the new “it” thing, or indicative of financial success. Not to say they don’t have the intellect or insight to differentiate their allegiance to a rap artist from the common sense to educate themselves on politics, but honestly we know even the smallest things, and people, impact voting decisions. So, for any Nicki fans who maybe inquisitive about Romney I would like to provide a few facts about his campaign in comparison to Obama and also a reminder of some of the current presidents achievements.

The most worrisome part of her lyrics is her suggestion that Obama is “fucking up the economy.” I guess for you Nicki since you are a part of that group with an income over $250,000, you might benefit more from Romney’s tax breaks to the rich. But don’t get it twisted and think just because you have a few millions that you are now a part of that elite 1%, because that’s all Romney really cares about. But none of your listeners, well few of your listeners, would gain from any of his suggested tax initiatives. But let us not forget that when President Obama took office this country was on the verge of a collapse that would rival the Great Depression.

The financial sector was in ruins, the domestic auto-industry was hanging on for dear life, the stock market had been falling for five months, and big corporations were announcing major layoffs everyday. In case you still don’t understand Ms. Harajuku Barbie, these  problems were the result of an eight year Republican Presidency. Reviewing the facts and numbers it appears your people fucked up the economy, or at least created the mess the Democratic President Barack Obama was left to repair. At the end of 2008 big business profits were down, but recovered strong in 2009 and have been rising every since. BUT, they are not creating jobs.

Under Obama home affortability is the best it’s been in forty years, the ’09 stimulus program saved 2.7 million jobs, the consumer confidence index has risen from 37.4% to 65.9%, and taxes on the majority of Americans have been relaxed and the person you declared fucked up the economy even exteneded Bush era tax cuts for two years. So to borrow a line from the fictious charater Will McAvoy of Newsroom, when you say these bitches fucked up the economy I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.

I know you like to boast about being a boss in a male dominated realm, and how hard it is for you to gain respect and equal pay so it seems you would appreciate Obama’s first legislation as president that  approved equal pay. A bill that was opposed by his Republican predecessor and your candidate has yet to give a straightforward answer to how he would have addressed .

And lets revisit your earlier tweets condemning president Obama for not doing enough to ensure universal healthcare. Just so you know, that’s the LAST THING Republicans are interested in supporting. With Obamacare, we are closer to universal healthcare in this country than ever before, and Republicans fought tooth and nail to prevent the bill. Which left the decision up to the Supreme Court.

I know one of your many personalities is known for eating the box and fucking bitches, but I guess she doesn’t realize that your candidate is in stark opposition to gay marriage and extending benefits to same-sex spouses. It doesn’t seem that any of your philosophies align with Romney or the Republican party. I could respect you a lot more if you came out with logical and philosophical reasons for why you support Romney. But following your track record this seems like another ploy to gain publicity and set your name a fire on people’s tongues. You should be mindful of your audience and playing with politics, your attempt to be provocative can have dangerous consequences.


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