2012 Presidential Propaganda Nonsense

This billboard is problematic for several reasons. First, it’s quite obvious that the ad is comparing the POTUS to Osama bin Laden, a terrorist. Let me not get started on what a terrorist is and how the media manipulates the public’s perception of an individual by using incendiary terms that condition society to demonize certain groups. And now when we imagine a terrorist we think of a middle-eastern Muslim zealot. But when a young white man unleashes a hell storm of bullets on moviegoers the terrorist connection is not made.

In fact, we were asked to pity him because he must have a mental disability to behave in such a manner. The history books don’t teach students about the southern terrorists that chased, tortured  and hung black bodies, topping off their barbaric behavior by eating their victims scorched flesh. But the creator of this billboard wants people to believe president Obama is on a mission to terrorize and destroy the people of this country. I wish he would elaborate on President Obama’s many acts of terrorism. He and I apparently don’t belong to the same America. I bet his America is the one that believes black and brown bodies should be controlled. And if murdered or violated they deserve it because you never know what they are capable of anyway. I want to ask him, is President Obama a terrorist because his name sounds like Osama, or is it because the hue of his skin doesn’t coincide with the “racial integrity” this country was built on?

Second, the image suggests the need to remove this “threat” by force. Why else would two armed seals be featured next to the statement? It’s funny to me how President Obama’s opponents love to emphasize their morality and good Christian values, but many times are the first to resort to violence and make threats against the president’s life. Oh I get it, Jesus wants you to commit murder because someone possesses a different political ideology? That wasn’t in my Bible. But let’s not go there, because obviously these people share a different set of Christian ideals from the Jesus I know. The Jesus I know was a radical, and his mission was to uproot the Pharisees and oppressive power structure that exploited the majority. But that’s for another time.

The strategies and propaganda used by campaigns indicates the morality and character of the candidate and their supporters. Romney’s anti-Obama backers seem like nothing but hateful, basic drones with money to blow. If you ask me, Romney is the real terrorist, out to destroy the the middle and working class, basically anyone not in his tax bracket. What’s funny is many of his most fervent supporters would benefit the most from the policies they profess to hate. Maybe I’m underestimating their financial ability because these are the same people who were going to leave the states for Canada after the 2008 election, oh how patriotic. I must say despite the socio-economic standing  of minorities in this country,  I’ve never heard minorities issue death threats and plan an exodus after elections.

I understand we are at the height of the election cycle, and along with that comes the name calling and mudslinging. But the line has to be drawn somewhere, and insinuating violence against the SITTING president should not be tolerated. They’re mad now, but I can’t wait to see them when he wins again. There’s already talk of a civil war, and I say bring it on. Please exercise your right to vote and educate yourself so when you are confronted with lies such as these you can be assured of just that, they are lies. You don’t have to prove anything to them. Just say bless their heart for their lost soul.


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