A Season Of Broke-Ness

Summer. It is the season of freedom. No more staying inside because of  the rain, snow, or tropical storms. As soon as June hits, people burst out of their caves ready to soak in the sun’s brilliance and explore the world that is in full bloom.

That is everyone on the planet except me! My motto hasn’t been “Yolo” or “Live your life”. It’s been, “I’m BROKE!”. I know my friends are tired of me because I am now Queen “my money is tight.” What happens when the funds are just not there? It doesn’t matter how many hours that I work, when pay day finally rolls around, it only hits my safe number. For all ya’ll part-timers out there, you know what the safe number is. It is that magical digit that lets you know that you are safe and can pay your rent this month.

Most times when this happens I can’t help but be relieved. I do not have to worry about being evicted nor being hassled by my landlord. I am safe for another 30 days. But what about the summer? The concerts, the clothes, the clubs, the restaurants, the food, or mini vacations? Well, according to my bank statements, that ain’t happening.

Lately, my broke-Ness has reached a new level and I am forced to find innovative ways to save a dime.  For instance, water is my best friend. I mix it with my milk when I eat cereal, my body wash, and my shampoo.  Yes, people. It gets the job done and I save more than a dime, to be exact $15, which may not seem like a lot. But trust, it is.

I’ve become adept at escaping public transportation fees when I don’t feel like dropping a hundred on an unlimited card.There are a few options to choose from, you could ask around for a swipe. Though New York City is known for its rudeness, there are actually many good samaritans who pity your lack of $2.25 and will swipe you through. Praise God for those people!

Then there are others who just walk by which is fine, (no judgment casted here). But that is when things get interesting. I have tested my acrobatic skills and found that jumping across is not always as easy as it looks. Hence, a plum sized bruise on my shins.  The most foul-proof way into the subway is waiting for someone to exit through the emergency door. No jumping skills needed, just a little patience. These antics help me to avoid paying for that annoying $104 monthly pass but it isn’t without its downsides.  So after a few days of these shenanigans I buy the unlimited card (Damn!).

Which leads me to my final attempt to save a dime and avoid the summer broke-Ness. One month, the struggle was just too much and that pay check didn’t hit the safe number. So I decided to channel my inner Nicki Minaj, blast Starships, and belt out at the top of my lungs “…and I’m not paying my rent this month, I ooowwwwweeee that!” It was liberating.

I was free. No more moping around about having no money. I could buy a gallon of milk without having to mix it with water. I didn’t have to come home with bruises for hopping over subway gates. I could live the life. I could go out with my girls, sip on cocktails, and enjoy life. At least for the next 30 days.


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