Health Conscious Hip-Hop


Desperate for any little piece of 3 stacks I could scrounge, I found myself listening to Sixteen a track from Rick Ross’ God Forgives, I don’t. My count down to Andre’s 16 bars was interrupted by a peculiar line in Rozay’s verse “Waking up to turkey bacon and my thick chick.” Of course, food references are a staple in the Teflon Don’s lyrical arsenal. But they’re rarely health conscious. Maybe he’s jumped on the health kick bandwagon and hopefully his fans will follow.

Resisting pork is nothing new in the hip-hop community, as many of the early pioneers were Muslim and religiously denounced pork. But, I don’t think it’s that deep here after reflecting on Ross’ numerous seizures. Whatever the cause it’s a change for the better since, according to the office of minority health, African-American’s and Hispanic’s are winning the obesity race in the States. I think Mr. Ross swagging out healthy living could be a good thing. Thanks to First Lady Obama, health and fitness are trending topics within minority communities, and with the swag clout of rappers such as Rick Ross it’s not leaving anytime soon.


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