Brandy’s Return And Why We Are Happy About It


Brandy is back and nobody is happier than me. The hype was torturous as fans waited for the highly anticipated “Put it Down” video featuring Chris Brown. When the video dropped, I must admit that it satisfied my Brandy fix. She looked good, her dancing was cute, vocals were there, and of course she rocked her trade mark braids. Though the video got a passing grade in my book, I still felt like something was missing and I began to long for that old school Brandy who created “Never Say Never”.

Released in 1998, “Never Say Never” was soundtrack of my upbringing.  With hits like “Sitting on Top of the World” and “Have You Ever”, “Never Say Never” became firmly imprinted in my mind. I was that girl who knew all the lyrics to the song and belted them out while in the shower letting everyone know that I was her biggest fan.

Whether I was walking to school, getting ready for gym class,  or doing my chores that was my background music. And though she touched on issues such as heartbreak and betrayal (something a pre adolescent child could not seriously relate to) I felt connected to her. She was singing to me and my life.

When she crooned “Angel In Disguise” and “Tomorrow” her lyrics touched my soul and I felt the pain that she was going through or so I thought. When she released “The Boy Is Mine” music video with Monica, I was sold and officially loyal to the girl with the braids and a voice. Me and my girl friends at school would take turns singing lead vocals and would reenact the video with our crush playing Mekhi Phifer.

The more I think about it, Brandy represented so much more than her music. Brandy showed black girls that you can be beautiful with braids. You didn’t need to have straight  weavalicious hair down to your butt to be attractive and confident.

Therefore, with a new single out and an album on the way, you could say that I am definitely ready for a Brandy comeback. Of course I am hoping for another album like “Never Say Never” with songs that will be the sound track of my twenties. Fingers crossed for Brandy.


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