Why Are Blacks Treated Like They Have Super Powers?

The black body always comes along with some sort of title. Some days it is the dangerous gangster, who grinds on the corner to make a dime. Other days it is the well endowed lover man who is an expert in all things in between the sheets.

Well just recently, the black body was given a new part to play, a new role. Apparently, we black people, are super human with super powers because it takes not one but 46 bullets fired from 6 different cops to take down one black man with a knife. I had no idea that we had defied the laws of evolution and advanced to this level of supreme being! I did not get the memo, nor the email notification alerting me to the fact that man had made another great step in scientific and human evolution discovery.

In a case very reminiscent of Amadou Diallo, according to the NY Daily News, on July 1, 2012 6 officers gunned down 41-year-old Milton Hall in broad day light in Saginaw Michigan. Apparently, Hall was in possession of a knife and refused to put his weapon down. While police officers assert that he was aggressive and threatening to attack, family members of Hall state that he had a mental illness. Regardless of the case, the situation was handled in the worst of ways and thanks to our tech savvy era, it was all caught on tape.

This is not the first time that black men have been treated as supreme beings who have some sort of secret weapon that puts fear in the minds of law enforcement. The incident with Chavis Carter is another example of black men’s super powers. Carter some how, with hands handcuffed behind his back, managed to whisper an incantation similar to abracadabra or something heard in Harry Potter, make a gun appear, free himself from the handcuffs, and then shoot himself on the side of his head. Without any interference from the officers not two feet away from him.

My question to you is: Do you believe in magic? Do you believe that some people can fly like superman? Are there real life X-men walking among us? Your  answer to all three of these simple question is probably a resounding NO! There are no people who can dodge bullets or make bullets stop like the Matrix. We do not live in a movie. Yet black men are continually gunned down, Bonnie &Clyde style, as if one bullet is not enough. And let’s be real, one bullet is all it takes to  end the life of anything human being on this planet.

Therefore, if it only takes one bullet, why is it that there are more and more incidents were black men are outnumbered and fired at as if they alone are the US army ready to take on the entire world. No one person has that kind of power. Unless of course, I am an the only idiot in this “free world” that doesn’t know that we are living in the Matrix.

Since this is likely not the case there needs to be a serious reassessment of the amount of power that law enforcement has in this country. It is starting to appear that police officers are suffering from “trigger happy syndrome” and they have yet to give them their daily dose of “think before you fire 46 bullets.” This incident along with the countless others  just confirms the value of the black body. Blacks can be gunned down with little to no consequences of the persons responsible.

If you think that this is not true then you are truly mistaken. A black man with a knife is murdered, who appears to be “aggressive”but not harming anyone, by46 shots fired by six police officers. Yet a white man murders 12 people and injures over 50 in a movie theater, clearly a danger to those around, yet no shots are fired, not a single bullet touches this man’s body. He is fully loaded, yet is taken away peacefully. Something is not adding up.

Reeducation is needed! Racism is still claiming lives of people who are dear to us. Though they may continue to shoot us and murder us as if we are descendants of the incredible Hulk we are not. If things don’t change soon, this war against the black body will continue until our existence is no more.


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