Condoleezza For President…2016

Condoleezza Rice has been missing action for the past three years. Setting aside her roles as secretary of state and national security adviser, Rice has settled into a comfortable space  of teaching at Stanford University and for most part has … Continue reading

Janelle Monae: Infiltrating Mainstream

Covergirl recently announced Janelle Monae as one of their new representatives. For many people this is shock because she usually flies below the radar. The beautiful and equally talented Monae’s last album is two years old, but she maintains a … Continue reading

Black Encounters: One Girl’s Hair Story

I try to stay to myself. I don’t bother others and I rarely solicit suggestions or critiques about my appearance.  Yet people feel the need to express their discontent with my personal choices, especially my hair. When I was younger … Continue reading

Spain’s Racists Antics Unleashed On Michelle Obama

Spain. A country that finds its home at the southern tip of Europe, is quite magical. So they say. Known for its siestas, nightlife, and tapas, many people make that journey across the Atlantic ocean in need of a change … Continue reading

A Breath Of Fresh Air: Nneka Sings To The Soul

There are times when I am going through my iPod and there is something missing. I scroll through my albums and see the revolving circle of Beyonce, Rihanna, and Nicki. I have Beyonce when I am in a lovey-dovey mood, … Continue reading

Gabrielle Swainson And Why You Should Remember Her

Amber Hagerman, JonBenet Ramsey, Caylee Anthony. What do these three young girls have in common? Well first, they represent some of the most widely publicized missing/murder cases in the country. Not only were their cases national news but every single … Continue reading

Health Conscious Hip-Hop

Desperate for any little piece of 3 stacks I could scrounge, I found myself listening to Sixteen a track from Rick Ross’ God Forgives, I don’t. My count down to Andre’s 16 bars was interrupted by a peculiar line in Rozay’s verse “Waking … Continue reading