Removing the Veil

Other. Deviant. Magical. These imperialist notions have shaped the perception of people of color for centuries. Labeling was the weapon of choice when Europeans sought to conquer and divide new territory. And boy how powerful was this technique?

The use of wise old black folk, ie Cicely Tyson and Morgan Freeman, to invoke an aura of mysticism still holds a lucrative spot in cinema. But this isn’t bad, right? It’s better than earlier depictions of blacks as savage beasts who called upon the spirit realm to wreck havoc on good ol’ spirit filled white folk and enlist help from the devil to deploy black magic. Umm… wait that sounds familiar, the Illuminati.

Now I must admit I was struck when my friend first introduced me to the symbols and ideology of the cult that is converting black artists into Satan’s minions. And no, my friend’s mouthpiece is not that persuasive, the evidence spoke for itself. But as I learned more about this elite circle of entertainers who played craps with their soul, ending in a sucky deal with the one we love to hate, I became bothered. There are several videos explaining this secret society along with its rituals, symbols, and ideologies. Watching this commentary we learn the only fools thirsty enough to make transactions with he who shall not be named are black. Yea, occasionally Madonna and Lady Gaga are cast for diversity. But they love the gays and are thus condemned to damnation right along with their same-sex loving fans. Why are the only people featured in this tale black?

The demonization of black people can be traced to imperialism and the colonization of new worlds. When colonizers invaded foreign lands they encountered new cultures; different religious ideas, clothing, and practices. Instead of trying to understand the “natives” they categorized them as other. Everything these “barbaric heathens” believed and practiced, even who they were, was labeled savage and inhumane. And thanks to their desire to assert their authority and document their conquests their opinion and perception of black people is recorded in classic works from Hume, Kant, and Hegel (to name a few). By chronicling colonization and their invasion of “tribes” and “savages” we learn the origin of the myth of black people’s magical ancestry and their tendency to deal with Satan.

Imperialists’ strategies for establishing their authority in new territory wasn’t that profound. 1) Create stories and ideas that will justify inhumane treatment of your captives, so you sleep well at night.2) Anything we do not understand is evil and must be redeemed. These techniques were so successful that today, in 2012, some have adopted these beliefs, and use them against their own. Now, I realize that many times when something appears illogical and beyond reason people concoct stories to make sense of it and feel more comfortable.

But, the success of talentless entertainers does not mean they cut a deal with the devil! Many of the alleged members of the Illuminati, Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Beyonce, HAVE PUT IN WORK. Rihanna is a personality and with an impeccale sense of  fashion maintained by a great team. She has the best producers, writers, great PR, and stylists at her disposal. So my people, can we stop investing so much time and energy in conspiracy theories that further belittle and undermine black people and work toward solutions to real problems, such as the privatization of education, the prison industrial complex, the educational achievement gap, and unemployment?


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